Give Back Global (GBG) is certain of three things:


  1. Hospitals, clinics and health programs in Africa urgently need to strengthen their non-clinical business operations and their management;
  2. There is a severe shortage of qualified people in Africa who can provide training in health management to those that need it;
  3. In the U.S., there is a huge pool of experienced, private sector business people with expertise in health management who are ready and willing to share their know-how and skills as volunteers in Africa and elsewhere in the developing world.


By serving as a bridge between African need and American supply, GBG believes it can help build a corps of great managers in the field of global health!    


Most of the firms that are active in “Health Systems Strengthening” are large, for-profit consultants.  As a nonprofit organization, GBG’s approach is different - and offers clients what we think are a number of distinct advantages:


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