Give Back Global (GBG) is a start-up nonprofit organization based in Norwalk, Connecticut, USA. 

We send highly experienced business people to train and mentor managers of health care 

facilities and health-related NGO programs in Africa.  The emphasis is on the non-clinical, business operating side of health.  Like the Peace Corps, we are volunteer-based, but with a more focused approach and several key differences:


     1.  Our volunteers are skilled business experts with 25+ years of career experience in a health care setting.

     2.  Our projects are short-term, usually three weeks to three months in duration.

     3.  The sole focus of our work is to help hospitals, clinics, and health NGOs in Africa to strengthen

           their management and improve their business operations.


Why is this work important?  Because good management is the foundation for success.  GBG believes there is a

link  between the way a hospital, clinic, or health program is managed and the health of the people in the

community it serves.  We are convinced that strengthening the leadership and business management of African

health facilities and programs will ultimately save lives and improve the health of thousands of people!


"What has happened to global health that leads to this moment where lack of management skills appears to be the single most important barrier to improving health throughout the world?" (2005) 

 -Senior  Medical Advisor, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation